Paolo Crepet - TAKE THE MOON


Paolo Crepet - Take the moon
Sunday 12 November at the Teatro della Regina

''I meet so many people, I wonder what they can want from me. Certainly a guide, a hope, perhaps even a light that ignites the hearts of young and old. There is thirst and hunger for words, for thoughts. They are looking for a heresy in a codified world. I can only tell them what I have repeated to myself for years throughout my life: "get the moon".

Be ambitious, look for your uniqueness. You have to keep your forehead high and keep dreaming. The danger lies in the emotional calm, in resignation, in those who sow sloth and bewilderment as if it were the rule of the most up-to-date marketing of existence. Opposing all of this is my desire, my mission, the reason I continue to wander in the squares and theaters. I seek freedom, passion, courage. The rest is boring''

Presale in the theater will be active from the end of September

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