WEINTOUR 2024 in Cattolica

17/05/2024 - 19/05/2024

WeinTour 2024 in Cattolica
From 17 to 19 May along the entire Viale Bovio, starting from 5pm

The event not to be missed for all wine lovers, the Wein Tour 2024, is back. A real food and wine walk among the best wineries in Emilia Romagna which inaugurates the Queen's summer.

Along the walk along Viale Bovio , glass in hand, you can embark on an all-round food and wine journey, which is enriched with new combinations of wines and traditional Emilia-Romagna dishes. Weintour combines wine and gastronomic culture, bringing the hinterland to the sea in a continuous link with the territory.

Protagonists of the event are the producers of Emilia-Romagna, as many as 38 wineries set up along the pedestrian promenade from 5pm until late in the evening, offering their best glasses.

Special tastings, meetings with producers, seminars and dedicated masterclasses await you during the days of the Weintour, with experts in the wine sector and Italian cuisine.

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